Pleasant sour drink with fine bubbles that quenches thirst and charges body with energy. To many , it reminds of childhood and grandmother who had tea mushroom on the top of the fridge which provided nice sour "lemonade" from day to day.


Cooling mint and not only; peppermint brings besides cooling effect also peace and balance to the mind. Taste is familiar and genuine. If you love peppermint , then this kombucha is for you.


The secret of eternal youth is hidden in our drink that is flavoured with sage. Sage has been considered valuable herb for centuries and this gave us inspiration to catch this worthy taste into bottle. Most aromatic and a drink with real character!


Wonderful freshness describes our strawberry flavoured drink the best. Strawberry kombucha is for those who prefer sweeter taste and children love it too.


Ruby red drink has a pleasant sour and intensive taste. Crisp bubble gives the drink a lot of punch. Choose blackcurrant for your party drink , as did our president on the 99th anniversary of Estonia.